Eternal Life

Success rate 67%

The mysterious LIFE Foundation claim to have discovered the key to eternal life. Potential candidates for the program are invited to their secret testing centre, where a lucky few may discover the truth.

The game is designed for teams of 2-6 players. It is more challenging for smaller groups than it is for larger ones.

SUGGESTED age recommendation - 14 and above (This age guidance is due to the game consisting primarily of challenging logic puzzles and some extremely mild PG-level scariness, which very young children may find too much). We are very sorry, but we cannot accept teams consisting entirely of under 18 year olds.

'Fab story and theme with a variety of different types of puzzles and challenges that kept our brains ticking the whole way through'- Tripadvisor review.

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  • Temperance Hall, Claverton St, Bath BA2 4LE
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